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James Lewis

Author. Speaker. Choreographer.

Best-selling author, speaker, choreographer, and founder of the Women Wives Warriors brand and podcast.

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The Creative Executionist


Dacía James Lewis is a multifaceted creative force, renowned as a best-selling author, speaker, and director-choreographer. Her charismatic personality infuses every space with excitement and inspiration, making her a standout choreographer and a seasoned entertainment industry professional.

With an extensive portfolio in television, film, and commercials, Dacía's talent shines brightly, showcasing her talent and creative execution Her work spans the entertainment industry, collaborating with music legends like Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, and Mary J. Blige to actors such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Jennifer Hudson, and Jamie Foxx.

Notably, Dacía is the choreographer of the highly anticipated Netflix film "The Piano Lesson," based on the iconic play by August Wilson, further cementing her status as a top-tier choreographer in the industry.

Beyond her choreography expertise, Dacía is the visionary founder of the Women Wives Warriors brand and podcast. Her influence extends to empowering women to live boldly and unapologetically in their faith.

Dacia's inaugural book, "The Game of Life," made its debut by achieving a remarkable position in the top 50 of Amazon's faith-based category. Her best-selling work offers invaluable insights and guidance, reflecting her dynamic and influential presence in the industry, built upon diverse accomplishments and unwavering commitment to empowerment.

Dacía James Lewis is a remarkable creative talent who spent years establishing her presence in Los Angeles, California, and now she's making waves not only as an Atlanta-based choreographer who stages performances across the globe but also as an inspirational figure in the world of entertainment.

Her book, The Game Of Life: Releasing the Weight When God Says Wait, is available now!​​

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"Dacía is a true gem, elevating every creative space she enters with her excellence and expertise." - Tracee Ellis Ross

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"Dacía is the Coach K of performance. She will drive you toward excellence and help you reach your full potential."

"Her working environment is one that is inspiring. She demands greatness out of you and achieves it with style and grace. She is "the truth!"

"She may be humble, but her extensive resume speaks for itself, showcasing her exceptional talent and skill as a choreographer, and her ability to elevate any performance to new heights."

"She's like a boutique - if you know, you know - and those who have worked with her before can attest to her incredible talent and skill as a choreographer."

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